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Boys playing footballIntegration begins from the moment an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant arrives in Ireland.

It is a two-way process that helps create an environment of respect for diversity and equality.


Integration is the creation of free space where the stranger can enter as a friend and not an enemy; where diversity is celebrated and not feared; where equality is a foundation and not just a sound bite.

The ultimate benefit is the active participation of all residents of Ireland in society, irrespective of cultural or religious background, age, gender or nationality.

One-to-one English language classes

JRS Ireland contributes to integration by;

  •  Running an Integration Support Group for asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and local people
  •  Providing language support
  •  Running capacity building courses
  •  Organising intercultural events and developing intercultural services and resources.
  •  Offering one-to-one outreach support to asylum seekers and refugees