DEVAS Project Website launched

At the beginning of 2009 JRS-Europe and its project partners will begin a new project that will research the conditions of detention for vulnerable asylum seekers in the EU, known as the "DEVAS Project." It is partly funded by the EU Commission and will be implemented in 23 EU Member States.

To accompany the DEVAS Project, JRS Europe have launched a new website for both members of the public and the project partners.  The website will be both an informational resource for project partners, as well as detailing aspects of the project for public consumption.

What DEVAS proposes to do

The DEVAS Project aims to research and identify the detention conditions and practices of 23 Member States towards vulnerable asylum seekers. Instead of pre-identifying categories of vulnerability, the research will determine which vulnerable groups exist in detention. This will be achieved by focusing strongly on the voices and experiences of detainees. Project partners will use the same methodology to research illegally staying third-country nationals detained in their respective country.

The project will be lead by a steering committee whose task will be to guide the research, to ensure its implementation and analysis, and to see the project through to its completion at the end of 2009. Each project partner will write a national report, which will be published into a final regional report. The report and its accompanying advocacy strategy will be released to EU policy makers and other interested parties at a conference workshop in Brussels.

To visit the DEVAS website follow the link: