JRS Ireland advocates to bring about positive structural change within the Irish asylum and immigration system that directly benefits asylum seekers, refugees and the forcibly displaced.  JRS also advocates at the regional and international levels to both address the immediate needs of displaced persons and improve the policies and procedures applied to those individuals and groups seeking international protection. 

At every level, JRS advocacy is linked to, and dependent upon, the knowledge and understanding derived from our close relationship with asylum seekers themselves. The main issues that JRS works on in Ireland are asylum and migration; detention; integration; legislative reform and racism.

Current Focus

Living long term in Direct Provision results in significant human costs, impacting on physical and mental health, on skills and training, family relationships and the ability of asylum seekers to participate in society. The identification and implementation of durable solutions for individuals, families and children residing long term in Direct Provision lies at the heart of JRS Ireland's advocacy agenda.

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International Priorities

Internationally, JRS runs campaigns focusing on urban refugees, access to education, refugee women, Somali refugees, hospitality, Haiti and forgotten refugees.  In response to the crisis in Syria, JRS Ireland has prioritised support for JRS International efforts to provide emergency relief to those in greatest need.

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National Networks

JRS Ireland works in partnership with individuals, organisations and networks throughout Ireland in order to best meet the needs of asylum seekers, avoid duplication of services and bring added value to the apostolic work of the Jesuits in Ireland.iReport Button Transparent

As part of our mission to challenge racism in all its forms, JRS is an active member of the Irish Network Against Racism (ENAR Ireland). ENAR Ireland is a national network of anti-racism NGOs, which aims to work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland through the promotion and monitoring of EU and global anti-racist initiatives.  

A key initiative coordinated by ENAR Ireland is iReport - a reporting system for the people, communities and organisations of Ireland to document incidents of a racist nature that are occurring nationwide. To find out more, visit ENAR Ireland.

JRS also contributes to the work of the Forum on Direct Provision which seeks to bring about positive structural reforms to the reception and accommodation framework for asylum seekers in Ireland.