Services for Adults

Many people seeking asylum have experienced significant trauma in their country of origin and endured a hazardous flight from their home.  Unfortunately, life in Direct Provision and the significant daily constraints faced by adult asylum seekers in Ireland can inhibit their ability to rebuild their lives, regain their confidence and particulate fully once again in society. In response JRS delivers targeted training courses and organises activities to foster integration.

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Services for Children

Direct Provision does not provide a normal environment for raising children and can become a defining element of a child’s identity growing up.  Often children can find themselves socially excluded and are particularly vulnerable to the lifelong consequences of growing up in the institutionalised environment of Direct Provision.  JRS prioritises the needs of children living in Direct Provision and delivers a range of services to improve their health, personal development and wellbeing.

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Volunteer with us

Without the support and dedication of our volunteers, JRS would not be able to provide the broad ranges of services needed to meet the changing needs of asylum seekers in Ireland.  In order to ensure JRS can continue to address these needs, we welcome applications from volunteers with special skillsets or qualifications to assist with the design and delivery of new services.  Whether you are a teacher or a gardener, a musician or an engineer, an artist or architect; please contact us to find out how you can help.

JRS Ireland 2013 Summer Programme in Balseskin