Towards the Global Compacts

In an effort to contribute to the global compacts on refugees and migrants, the Vatican has published a comprehensive, 20-point action plan for governments entitled Responding to Refugees and Migrants: Twenty Action Points.

Developed by The Vatican's Migrants & Refugee section, the action points are inspired by the teachings, reflections and guidance of Pope Francis.  The four central themes mirror the message issued on World Day of Migrants and Refugees entitled 'Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees':

1. Welcoming: Increasing Safe and Legal Routes for Migrants and Refugees.

2. Protecting: Defending the Rights and Dignity of Migrants and Refugees.

3. Promoting: Fostering the Integral Human Development of Migrants and Refugees.

4. Integrating: Greater Participation of Migrants and Refugees to Enrich Local Communities.

Speaking of the global compacts, Pope Francis said:

Dear brothers and sisters, in light of these processes currently underway, the coming months offer a unique opportunity to advocate and support the concrete actions which I have described with four verbs. I invite you, therefore, to use every occasion to share this message with all political and social actors involved in the process which will lead to the approval of the two Global Compacts.

The full text of the 20 action point plan is available here