Accompaniment means creating opportunities for refugees and forced migrants in Ireland to regain their dignity, while responding to their needs. JRS places an emphasis on being with rather than doing for. Volunteers are encouraged to open themselves up to the refugees' experience. It is through sharing in that experience that we come to know how best to be of service. Accompaniment is a commitment to walking with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants through their journey from the moment of their first contact.

Direct Provision

JRS Ireland accompanies individuals, families and children in their journey through the Irish asylum system. For the majority the journey to get a final determination of their claim for protection from the Irish State will take years. Since 2002 JRS Ireland has been accompanying and serving asylum seekers residing in state provided accommodation, known as Direct Provision centres. Currently, JRS Ireland staff provides outreach and support to residents in 10 Direct Provision centres located in Dublin, Kildare, Portlaoise, Clare and Limerick.

A key aspect of accompaniment is seeking to ensure the dignity of each resident is respected. In particular, JRS gives priority to those whose needs are greatest. Outreach ensures that asylum seekers in Direct Provision centres have somebody to speak to and that their story and needs can be heard.

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JRS Ireland challenges the detention of asylum seekers. It is important to remember that non-Irish nationals who are detained under immigration legislation are held in prison, alongside sentenced and remand prisoners, even though they have not committed a crime.

Under Irish legislation, detention for immigration-related reasons may apply to non-Irish nationals refused 'permission to land', unsuccessful asylum seekers and non-Irish nationals subject to a deportation order. Minors are not detained in Ireland for immigration-related reasons.

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