Integration begins from the moment an asylum seeker, refugee or migrant arrives in Ireland. It is a two-way process that helps create an environment of respect for diversity and equality. The ultimate benefit is the active participation of all residents of Ireland in society, irrespective of cultural or religious background, age, gender or nationality.

Integration Support Group

The Integration Support Group (ISG) is designed to help migrants learn about Irish culture and engage with the local community.

Supported by Dublin City Council, joint activities are planned that introduce participants to local amenities and public services whilst supplementing formal language provision with informal social opportunities to practice English.

The ISG promotes integration by facilitating cultural exchange between asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and the local Irish community who all share the experience of exploring history, literature and culture together. 

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Limerick Integration Working Group

The values of participation, equality and respect for fundamental rights are prerequisites for integration and underline the work of the Limerick Integration Working Group (IWG).

Comprising of 18 statutory, voluntary and community groups, the IWG is dedidated to promoting integration and celebrating diversity in Limerick.

JRS Ireland serves as joint chair and supports initiatives in the priority areas of Language and Education; Information and Support Services; Access to Public Services; Intercultural Awareness; Active Citizenship.

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