Limerick Integration Working Group

The values of participation, equality and respect for fundamental rights are prerequisites for integration and underline the work of the Limerick Integration Working Group (IWG).

Comprising of 18 statutory, voluntary and community groups, the IWG is dedidated to promoting integration and celebrating diversity in Limerick.

JRS Ireland serves as joint chair and supports initiatives in the priority areas of Language and Education; Information and Support Services; Access to Public Services; Intercultural Awareness; Active Citizenship.

In December 2013, the IWG launched the Limerick City and Council Integration Plan 2013-2016.  The aim of this integration plan is to work towards creating a vibrants, inclusive and truly intercultural society in Limerick in which all residents are valued, regardless of their colour, creed or culture.

Integration - A Two Way Process

If you are from Limerick...

Meet with local people who different to you
Get involved in local integration and education initiatives
Always remember respect and tolerance

If you are a migrant...

Get involved in host community activities
Learn more about local traditions
Always remember respect and tolerance

If you are active in a local community group...

Get actively involved with integration actions through the IWG
Let the IWG know where there is a need for integration work
Actively work to ensure that migrants are included in local community projects

If you are from the business community...

Develop awareness in the areas of employment and diversity
Actively participate and promote diversity
Allow people the opportunity to learn through internships

If you are from an educational institution...

Help to ensure that all young people have equal access to education
Ensure that intercultural understanding and diversity are part of the education experience
Promote diversity and inclusion of young people in the community

If you are a politician...

Take responsibility for giving political and economic priority to inclusion
Words are important: make sure that your communication and actions are inclusive
Help to develop the region in a way that makes the most of diversity