No Place to Call Home

The JRS Ireland No Place to Call Home initiative seeks to respond to the plight of homelessness and the needs of newly arrived International Protection Applicants living in precarious forms of emergency accommodation or denied accommodation and sleeping on the streets.

Services coordinated under the No Place to Call Home initiative include:

Emergency Accommodation: Outreach, information and advice services delivered to emergency and temporary accommodation centres nationwide.

Vulnerable Asylum Seekers: Provision of support to individuals, children and families experiencing episodic and hidden homelessness; living in precarious accommodation; and struggling to exit the Direct Provision system and access the private rental market

Homelessness and Insecure Housing: Enhanced and strengthened services for International Protection Applicants experiencing:

Rough Sleeping: Outreach, identification, and targeted referral of vulnerable homeless International Protection Applicants, in an effort to address their unique accommodation and health and wellbeing needs.

Destitution: Provision of financial and other targeted supports to address gaps in material needs among asylum seekers experiencing hardship.

The No Place to Call Home initiative is generously supported by the students, staff and wider school community of Belvedere College SJ through their annual SLEEPOUT fundraising campaign.